Updated Core Values and Strategy

Home Page

  •  The Home Screen immediately identifies the purpose of the website through high-contrast text and a large image.
  • A single-column layout is used to reduce cognitive load as users interacting with the website are most likely using a mobile web app.
  • The mobile version features a Hamburger menu to reduce page density while the desktop page features a sticky header that is always accessible.
  • The responsive design accounts for the haptics of scrolling with a finger on a mobile versus scrolling with a mouse on a desktop.
  •  Consolidated sections and removed repeat information.

Commissions Page

  • Users visit this page to learn more about how to schedule a session. I address this using a Question and Answer format.
  • By using high-contrast color blocks and proximity users can easily skim and focus on the header with the information they are looking for.

Contact Page

  • The contact page is organized to prioritize important information such as email and hours above the fold.
  • As users scroll they can get information on how far in advance to book a session and the minimal cost.


Podcast Page

  • Users can see recent videos, links to podcast host websites, and a detailed description of what the podcast is about.
  • This page serves to offer value immediately to the user regardless of if they decide to book with the company or not. It allows the user to have a reason to continually visit and further engage with content.
  • The design is slightly different than the other pages because podcast listeners will engage initially with this page and it serves as a second entry point into the art practice.