This logo is for a fine art portrait photography business. 

After conducting user research and identifying the business goal to brand as a luxury brand I researched other brands to determine what qualities users associate with luxury brands and custom services.

Qualities I identified across brands were.

  1. Simple and small logos
  2. Easily identifiable
  3. Classic or timeless
  4. Strong lines

Designed in Adobe Photoshop

Logo  from Style Guide

This logo is for a vocal training business

The client wanted to capture the phrase singing soars. I worked with her to identify ways to incorporate these elements into the final logo. She wanted a unique look. We collaborated on the font choice and design elements.

This logo is for an event agency.

I collaborated with the clients to create a logo that was distinct, luxurious, and easily recognizable.

This logo was designed for a tutoring business that supplies resources for parents.

The client wanted to emphasize “Unlocking Learning Treasure” We worked together to create a logo that was kid-friendly, colorful, and vibrant.

Sample of the logo in the website footer.